Simple vb6 applications

Techniques Used :vb6

Some Simple vb6 desktop applications for fun only not for commercial use



1- simple program to listen to holy quran online

2- option to minimize to system tray

3- download

1- Program to grab and save blogspot links randomly               

2- Saving new url every 4 seconds

3- download


1- gamebot for

2- gives free players many advantages of premuim membership

3- download


1- Proxy Changer

2- add/edit/remove proxy server to your browser                           

3- download


1- Runescape Auto Playing

2- auto leveling (fight levels)

3- made in 2009 it was working at that time

( i don't know if its still working)

4- it moves mouse pointer and control clicks to kill monsters and lvlup

5- download


1- Netbill

2- program to calculate your internet bill for peaple who use the

fax dialup to connect to internet

3- download


1- navbar for small satellite to add it under channels broudcasting

in our neighberhood.



1- gamebot for facebook game (Plock)

2- you can make really high score by useing this program            

3- download


1- Yahoo Annoyer

2- program to bother your facebook friends with texts and buzz

3- i removed the download link because some guys used it to bother me :D .